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Yorcard and ITSO Smart Ticketing

Yorcard Limited has been set up by South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) and West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (Metro) to deliver the benefits of ITSO smart ticketing to public transport users in the Yorkshire Region.

ITSO is a government-backed specification for smart ticketing, a key element in the modernisation of the public transport passenger experience.

Yorcard's services benefit passengers, operators and local authorities alike.

Working with Transport Operators

Modern public transport enterprises need better information about their customers to be able to create attractive propositions to help them increase the attractiveness of public transport - especially those potential passengers that happily use public transport when they visit London and other major European cities, but sit in their cars for their daily commute. Nero delivers a comprehensive database of anonymous data and backs it up with the services and support needed to create and introduce innovative new products that will increase patronage and revenue.

Bus companies operating on a smaller scale can find that the complexity and capital cost of modern electronic ticketing systems is a major barrier to benefitting from smart ticketing. Yorcard's Robusta range of services enable even the smallest operator cost-effective access to the benefits of smart ticketing, without the complexities of traditional systems.

Smart ticketing gives operators greater control over the business process and helps to increase profit by bearing down on both accidental and deliberate misuse of ticketing.

Benefits to Operators:

  • Great Business Intelligence
  • Reduction in Fraud
  • Better Financial Management
  • More profit

Working with Travel Concession Authorities (TCAs)

Local Authorities and Integrated Transport Authorities are all interested in promoting smart ticketing. It is a key plank in the government's vision for the modernisation of public transport. Yorcard offers a range of services to local authorities in the Yorkshire and Humber region which support multi-operator ticketing, concessionary travel re-imbursement and transport planning.

In addition to providing services throughout the Yorkshire Region, Yorcard is involved with a number of collaborations. Yorcard has led two high profile procurement exercises assisting Nexus and Centro to achieve similar outcomes to SYPTE, Metro and other TCA partners. Yorcard has also provided a number of TCAs with software and services to more effectively manage smart ticketing in their area.

Benefits to Local Authorities:

  • Multi-operator ticketing
  • Concessionary Travel processing
  • Business Intelligence supporting transport planning
  • Fraud reduction
  • Cost savings

Working with Passengers

Unifying ticketing around a single "smart" platform helps reduce the complexity of the public transport proposition. Yorcard's services, offered through local authorities increase convenience for passengers, and allow them the opportunity to use one card for all their public transport needs. The thoughtful exploitation of smart technology by Yorcard includes the development of a regional "Travel Money" purse and support for multi-operator ticketing.

Benefits to Passengers:

  • Multi-operator ticketing
  • "Travel Money"
  • Detailed journey history
  • New ticket offers
  • Cost Savings

Dispelling the Yorcard Myths

Yorcard carried out a pilot project between February 2008 and October 2009 and it became synonymous all things "smart" in the Yorkshire region. Yorcard’s position in the market as a "back room" company (rather than as a company that provides services directly to the public) makes it important to de-emphasise the public perception. Here are a few facts about Yorcard to help dispel the myths:

  • Yorcard is a company not a ticket or smartcard;
  • Yorcard does not operate any buses;
  • Yorcard does not issue smartcards to passengers;
  • Yorcard holds no personal information about public transport passengers.