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If you issue or are planning to issue and manage ITSO-smart ticket products, you will need access to a HOPS/AMS. Yorcard has invested in a HOPS/AMS and is able to offer it as part of a comprehensive smart ticketing management service to travel product owners. Included in the Arabica Service is the Nero back office system to support reimbursement, revenue apportionment and settlement for entitlements, Travel Money and period products (including automatically renewable products) as well as management information.

If you choose the Arabica Service, Yorcard will:

  • Migrate data from your current HOPS
  • Process your transactions
  • Gather and consolidate smart product usage information, providing you with periodic management reports
  • Provide reverse journey matching information
  • Manage hotlist items
  • Profile and provide ISAMs to your card issuing bureau
  • Assist your card issuer with migration
  • Provide you with business support and ITSO expertise
  • Test your products in Yorcard’s Integrated Test Facility

The Arabica Service is designed for travel product owners who broadly fall into two categories Travel Concession Authorities (TCAs) and Multi-operator Transport Organisations (MTOs).  Due to the differing nature of the two organisations two different pricing plans have been developed.

TCAs - Arabica for TCAs is designed to take into account the size and demographics of each individual TCA.  The service charge is based on the number of live ENCTS smartcards held by residents of the TCA.

MTOs - Arabica for MTOs' charging structure is based on the number of smartcards provided for Multi-operator Travel Cards (MTCs) along with the expected lifetime of ITSO shell records created.

Yorcard will profile your ISAMs and work with your smartcard issuer(s) to ensure your cards are encoded correctly.  Additionally Yorcard will work with operators in your area to ensure that smartcards are correctly accepted on ETMs and recorded in the Yorcard HOPS.

Arabica gives you access to the reporting and scheme management facilities of Nero. Nero allows you to analyse up to date information and export data to your own spread-sheets and databases.

If you want to create new smart tickets, Yorcard will register new products and entitlements with ITSO and give you the information and support needed to successfully configure your ETMs.

Yorcard will provide a reverse journey matching service as an alternative methodology to surveys for estimating journey lengths. The reverse journey matching service requires you to specify the locations of fare stages for each route. Once each fare stage location is recorded in the system Yorcard’s algorithm matches journeys using agreed assumptions to estimate average distance travelled for each boarding.

The Arabica Service includes industry leading Service Level Agreements and can be terminated without penalty on 60 days notice after the first year of service.