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East Yorkshire Motor Services Ltd (EYMS) became the first bus company to use the Yorcard HOPS and Yorcard ISAMs to deliver ITSO smart ticketing in the Yorkshire Region.

On Wednesday 3rd August 2011, EYMS launched its Goole Town services with ITSO smart ticketing.

Following the successful start in Goole, EYMS have equipped their Scarborough depot services with ITSO smart ticketing. Scarborough ITSO smart ticketing went into live operation on Sunday 11th September 2011.

The whole EYMS fleet is planned to be fitted with Yorcard ISAMs by the end of October.

Yorcard ISAMs allow ENCTS (English National Concessionary Travel Scheme) passholders to "scan" their card on boarding. Passenger experience has so far been positive. Yorcard also provide reporting facilities for EYMS.

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