Yorcard Progress in 2013

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Yorcard has made significant advancements in 2013 and here are some of the highlights:

Child Cards accepted in smart mode: November 2013

Two major bus operators and a number of smaller operators now accept child concession cards in smart mode throughout South and West Yorkshire.

TravelMaster accepted in smart mode: November 2013

Stagecoach bus and tram now accept a limited range of TravelMaster cards in smart mode. (TravelMaster is a multi-operator, multi-modal period travel product for South Yorkshire.)

Nominations for the National Transport Awards: November 2013

Nero was nominated for the National Transport Awards in the Excellence in Technology category.  Nexus also put forward the POP Card Checker app which has been developed by Yorcard.

Nero connects to the Centro HOPS: October 2013

Centro now benefit from the transparency that Nero brings to smart ticketing. Yorcard staff are working closely with Centro to ensure that they gain the maximum benefits from this service with a new settlement engine due in the new year.  With Centro data now being received by Yorcard a new daily record of over 635,000 processed transactions has been acheived and it is expected this will be surpassed again in 2014.

Bradford and Leeds Rail Station Gates Smart Enabled: October 2013

The rail sation gates were upgraded to smart mode. Initially the gates  accept Annual MCards. (MCard is the  multi-operator, multi-modal period product for West Yorkshire.)

There are plans for the gates to read and accept further smart products.

Espresso tested by Transdev and SYPTE: July/August 2013

Yorcard delivered Espresso to Transdev and SYPTE  to allow them to load ITSO products to smartcards.  Testing has been on-going with sales to commence in 2014.  Further improvements are also planned for 2014 with the release of Espresso Next Generation.

Yorcard leads the way with Collaborative Procurement: April 2013

Yorcard managed the procurement on behalf of SYPTE for smart product vending Kiosks.  To date three participants have ordered Kiosks from the tender with at least one further participant looking to order in 2014.

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