Yorcard Supports Commercial Ticketing

Throughout 2014 Yorcard has been supporting SYPTE and West Yorkshire Combined Authority - WYCA (formerly WYPTE) in the delivery of commercial tickets.

In February 2014 Yorcard supported the sale of School Plus (MCard) and Transdev products through Payzone shops within West Yorkshire.  The initial implementation was conducted as a "soft launch" to test the technology and business processes.  The soft launch led to a number of improvements in preparation for the full launch in Easter.

MCard was launched in April 2014 with a full range of weekly and monthly products.  Yorcard supported the roll out of smart equipment in Metro Travel Shops (operated by WYCA) and provides the secure ITSO smart product delivery system on an ongoing basis.  In the first week nearly 2,500 ITSO products were loaded on a single day in Metro Travel Shops.  In parallel further products were added to the Payzone solution and additional agent support was provided.  Yorcard continues to support WYCA in the growth of MCard as sales continue to increase. 160,000 ITSO products have been created to date using Yorcard's software with further products created using the Payzone solution.  Since launch revenue from Payzone sales have doubled month on month and Yorcard is supporting the further growth of MCard through Payzone agents.

July 2014 bought the Grand Départ to Yorkshire and with it a new Park & Ride service for Leeds.  The Park & Ride service included two new self-service kiosks at the Elland Road site.  The self-service kiosks use Yorcard's secure ITSO smart product delivery system and over 500 new cards have issued by the kiosks to date.  

Smart TravelMasters went live in August 2014 and Yorcard provided product loaders for Travel South Yorkshire Information Centres.  The product loader is standalone software which integrates locally with EPOS and printing software.  The product loader uses Yorcard's secure ITSO smart product delivery system and implements SYPTE's business rules at a client level.  The product loader has created over 4,000 products since its installation in over 30 terminals.  17 new self-service kiosk were launched to enhance the customer offering in South Yorkshire.  The South Yorkshire kiosks also use Yorcard's secure ITSO smart product delivery system and over 2,750 products have been encoded by the kiosks to date.

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