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Yorcard is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. It has been set up by South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executives to offer a range of services and products to local authorities and transport operators so that interoperable and smartcard ticketing in the Region of Yorkshire and the Humber (and beyond) can be brought into reality.

By choosing Yorcard you will benefit from a service developed and operated by people who are ITSO and smart ticketing experts and understand the range of issues involved with public transport ticketing and the pressures on Travel Concession Authorities (TCAs) and operators to deliver. Our pricing is clear and unambiguous; there are no hidden costs and all ITSO fees are included. 

Yorcard has invested in developing a HOPS and Back office to provide a service for TCAs, MTOs and operators who wish to avoid the million pound investment of developing their own. You can rely on Yorcard to give you independent clear advice to find a solution and work in your best interests. Yorcard offers a range of modular ("coffee themed") services and solutions illustrated in the diagram below.


The Arabica Service is for providers of travel products such as TCAs and Multi-operator Transport Organisations (MTOs).  The Arabica Service includes extensive scheme management and management information services provided by Yorcard’s Nero software and underpins smartcard ticketing offer. For transport operators who just require ISAMs and a reporting service, Yorcard provides the Liberica Service.  As an add-on for Liberica customers who require ITSO complaint electronic ticket machines, Yorcard offers the Robusta Service with various payment options to help you spread the cost. 

In addition to its services, Yorcard offers a range of products including the jewel in Yorcard's crown, Nero, a back office allowing ITSO Scheme Managers to interrogate their HOPS and  manage ITSO smart ticketing more effectively.  Kafeneon is the engine behind Yorcard's Espresso product offering the full retail solution through a PC or smartphone with NFC and is also available as an engine for customers and suppliers who wish to develop their own client facing software.  ITSO members who wish to quality assure their ITSO products may also take advantage of the Yorcard Checker which is available free-of-charge from Google Play.

Yorcard is your centre for smart ticketing and ITSO expertise with a track record of delivery to Passenger Transport Executives and operators. If you choose to create new ticketing products Yorcard will guide you through every step. When a new product is created there are a number of ITSO administration tasks and operational tasks which Yorcard will complete on your behalf to ensure that your new product launch goes faultlessly.

The advantages of choosing Yorcard and descriptions of each service and solution can be found by following the links below, on the navigation bar on the left or by searching the Yorcard website :

  • Arabica - a service for travel product providers 
  • Liberica - a service for operators 
  • Robusta - a service which provides you with ETMs 
  • Nero - Yorcard's back office
  • Kafeneon -  Yorcard's ITSO POST service 
  • Espresso - retail solutions for ITSO products