Welcome to Yorcard

What is Yorcard?

Yorcard is a private company limited by guarantee. South Yorkshire PTE (now South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority - SYMCA) and West Yorkshire PTE (now West Yorkshire Combined Authority - WYCA) set it up in 2007 to provide smart ticketing services in South and West Yorkshire.

What does Yorcard do?

If you've been on a bus in Yorkshire or used a smart MCard in West Yorkshire or a TravelMaster card in South Yorkshire, you will have come into contact with our software and systems. We process data collected by tapping smart cards on readers for over a half-a-million bus, tram and rail boardings every day, and we support small operators with hardware and software that accepts the smart cards.

As well as card acceptance, we are active in ticket retailing. Our software enables ticketing vending machine manufacturers to sell smart tickets and download them onto smart cards.

We have recently developed and deployed a barcode-ticketing app for Android phones and Apple iPhones. Usage of the MCARD Mobile app has grown mainly by word of mouth, and this sales channel now distributes well over half of all multi-operator tickets in West Yorkshire.

Get in touch.

If you want to know more, email general.manager@yorcard.co.uk

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