Welcome to Yorcard

What is Yorcard?

Yorcard is a private company limited by guarantee. It was originally set up in 2007 by its Members, South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) and West Yorkshore Passenger Transport Executive (Metro) as a special purpose vehicle to run a pilot of ITSO ticketing on bus, rail and tram. Yorcard got a new missionn in 2010 following the completion of the pilot and a thorough "lessons learned" process. The plan was, and remains, that Yorcard should provide software products and business services to local authorities and transport operators to facilitate "smart" ticketing.

Back in 2010, Yorcard's role was to pioneer services and software required by ITSO ticketing schemes that were not commercially available, or where there was no competition between suppliers. Much has changed in the intervening years, including the definition of "smart" ticketing. In 2010, "smart" meant ITSO ticketing, that is a ticket stored on a smart card. These days, it means ITSO tickets, also also 2-D bar-codes and other forms of visually verifiable ticket on a smart phone, contactless bank cards, Account Based Ticketing, bluetooth beacons, and ITSO on Mobile.

Why should you be interested?

If you've been on a bus in Yorkshire or you've used an MCard in West Yorkshire or a TravelMaster card in South Yorkshire, you will have come into contact with our software and systems. We process data collected by tapping smart cards on readers for over half-a-million bus, tram and rail boardings every day.